ComeOn Voucher Code

Just by signing up for a brand new account using the MAXIMUMBONUS ComeOn Voucher Code you can instantly get up to £25 to use as you like. There is no real mystery on how to get the the ComeOn bonus, all you have to do is register entering MAXIMUMBONUS in the relevant box.



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We will walk you through the process of signing up for an account but all you need to know is that MAXIMUMBONUS is the ComeOn voucher code you need to qualify for the 100% deposit match.

How to Get the ComeOn Bonus

The good thing is that you don’t have to do anything to get the bonus you need. There is no need to make a bet or deposit a lot of money into your account. Simply by using the MAXIMUMBONUS ComeOn voucher code when you register you will receive the free money in your account. There are a number of industry standard terms and conditions attached of course, but whatever you initially deposit into your account will be matched 100% by ComeOn – up to a limit of £25. So, really there is no real answer to the question ‘how to get the ComeOn bonus’!

Why Sign Up with ComeOn?

It seems like there are more and more online betting sites springing up every day and with all of them offering some kind of welcome bonus it may be quite difficult to decide which one to go for if you want to get into online betting.
Even if you do not have much experience of betting – online or on the high street – you may have an idea of some of the big, well established bookies that have been around for a while. But there are plenty of new bookmakers, wholly existing online, that are keen to have you as a customer account holder and they all have different methods to attract your business.
The most popular way of getting new business when it comes to online betting companies is to use bonus codes. These can be used when signing up to access all kinds of freebies – usually a certain amount of money in the form of free bets. This way the bookie is happy as they have a new customer and the customer is happy because he has some bets to play around with, without having to actually fork out any cash. It’s a win win situation!

How to Sign Up for an Account Using the ComeOn Voucher Code

So you are probably feeling a little bit curious about this offer now. How about we take a look at how simple it is to register for a ComeOn customer account? The signing up process is always very easy when it comes to online betting companies but here’s a step by step guide so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

  • On the ComeOn home page you will see a ‘Join Us’ prompt at the top of the screen. Click this
  • You will be presented with a new screen that will ask you to enter a username, email and password (and also to confirm the password)
  • You will also see the question asking you whether you have a voucher code. Click on this and it will open another box to fill in. This is where you enter the MAXIMUMBONUS ComeOn voucher code. Then click on the green ‘Continue’ button
  • You will now be asked to fill in some more boxes with some personal information – name, address, phone number, that kind of stuff
  • You can also change the currency that you want to bet with if you are so inclined
  • You then just have to click on the green ‘Open Account’ button at the bottom and you are now a fully signed up customer account holder at ComeOn!
  • Make your initial deposit – safe in the knowledge that whatever the amount is ComeOn will match it up to a £25 limit
  • Go betting!


What is On Offer at ComeOn?

Now you know how to get the ComeOn bonus – and have put it into practice by signing up for a customer account – you can take a look around the site to see what odds, markets and special promotions are open to you.
You will be able to see straight away that ComeOn concentrate on sports betting but if you fancy something different there is also a casino section to explore as well. We will be taking a look at that briefly a little bit later but for now let’s take a look around the sports section.
Most new customers will be interested in what kind of sports markets are available as well as any special promotions and offers that ComeOn will hope make them stand out from the crowd.

Sports Betting

Whether you are a football fan, or rugby, tennis or golf are more your style, you will be able to find the market you want – with attractive odds – at ComeOn. A quick glance at the main Sports section gives you a comprehensive list of all the sports on offer as well as some highlighted events where you will see the most popular markets. These could be anything from football’s European Championship or Copa America to the Wimbledon tennis tournament – whatever is happening at the time will be shown here so you won’t miss a thing.
In the centre of your screen you will see some more extra special highlights that showcase some of the popular games or bigger markets in greater detail. You can click on any of the scrolling highlights to take you to the relevant information.
Underneath that is some in play markets (a feature we will look at in greater detail in a moment) and then a handy list of last minute bets where you can check out any attractive markets that are just about to close. This is a great little feature to make sure you don’t miss out on that last gasp bet.
As is the usual format with online betting sites the right hand column is where you will find your bet slip. This automatically updates when you click on your selections. Underneath that is some more great offers and promotions currently available at ComeOn.

In Play Markets

One of the most popular ways to bet online is by exploring the in play markets. Instead of only being able to bet on the outcome of the event before it starts, with in play you are able to make your selections while the event is going on. You can still just place a bet on the outcome or you could go for one of a whole host of other markets that become apparent once you have this freedom.
In play betting opens up the opportunity to bet on ‘outcomes’ throughout the event such as next goal, next card or next game depending on the sport in question. You are also able to bet on different outcomes as you go along. This is a great way to consolidate if you are losing or go on a bit of a streak if you happen to be winning!
The in play option is on the main menu bar at ComeOn and by selecting it you will immediately be presented with a list of events that are going on at the time. Football is obviously very popular but you can also take a look at markets for tennis, golf, rugby and just about any sport you can think of. If it is happening at that time you should be able to find an in play market to make your selection.

Casino and Live Casino at ComeOn

Two of the other main menu options take you away from the sports section and into the world of cards and games. Opening a customer account using the ComeOn voucher code gives you access to all the casino games as well so you might want to take a look around.
You may not have too much experience of casino games but you can soon learn the ropes here with ComeOn’s extensive range of games. You could go for the traditional casino games of roulette, blackjack or other table games – or you might like to try slot machines, video slots and games. There are loads to choose from including all the old favourites.
For an extra bit of added glamour there is also the live casino option. Here you can play any of the traditional casino games as before but with a live dealer. You can even choose the dealer. Hopefully this extra feature will be enough to bring you the luck you need to make some money!
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ComeOn Points

One feature of the ComeOn website that sets them apart from a lot of their competitors is their points scheme. Working in much the same way as a supermarket loyalty card you can rack up the points by using the site. But it’s not limited to when you make a bet. At ComeOn you get points for doing just about anything!
Just logging in to your account picks you up some points, as does making a bet and even withdrawing money from your account. Your new account offer may have got you some free bets (as long as you remembered to enter the MAXIMUMBONUS ComeOn voucher code) but this is an ongoing points scheme that could net you some really good rewards.
The really good thing here is that you can redeem the points you have earned by doing some pretty basic stuff and put it towards playing more games or getting more spins in the casino. So by just betting and taking a look around the ComeOn site they will give you the chance to win even more money. That sounds pretty good!

Depositing Your Money with ComeOn

One of the main things that new customers ask when they sign up for a new account with an online betting company is how they can manage their money. And in particular they want to know the best ways to deposit and withdraw money from their account and how quickly they will see their balances changed.
At ComeOn there are a number of different deposit and withdrawal methods so we are going to go through them to give you all the information you need.
If you are using a credit or debit card – whether it be Visa, Mastercard or Entropay – the money you deposit will go into your ComeOn account instantly. At any one time you must deposit a minimum of £8 up to a maximum amount of £2,400. And there is no fee incurred for making a deposit with any of these cards.
If you prefer to deposit your money via a bank transfer the minimum limit is once again £8 but with a maximum this time of £1,600. There is also a 5% transaction fee to be paid as well. The Neteller and Skrill online wallet methods both have minimum deposits of £8 and a maximum of £8,000 but using Neteller incurs no fees whereas Skrill charges 5%.
The other method of making a deposit is by using the paysafecard pre-paid card. You can put in anything from £8 to £800 and that will incur a 5% fee.

Withdrawing Your Money with ComeOn

Due to various banking regulations, withdrawing your money takes longer than the instantaneous procedure of depositing. If you are using a credit or debit card you can take out anything from £16 to £4,000 and it could take anywhere from 2 to 7 business days to show up in your bank account. It is very important to stress here that it is ‘business’ days so it will take longer if you are looking to get at your money over a weekend. A bank transfer has the same minimum and time frame but you can take up to £8,000 out at any one time.
The online wallet methods provided by Neteller and Skrill are actually the quickest ways of getting your money to show up in your account as they will get to you within 24 hours of your withdrawal request. The minimum for both is £16 but the maximum account slightly differs with Neteller allowing £8,000 again as opposed to Skrill’s maximum limit of £7,900.
There are a number of things you need to do before you can withdraw money from your ComeOn account regarding security so make sure you have understood what is required before you start the process just in case it takes you longer to do than you thought.

Other Promotions are Available

Just because you opened your account using the MAXIMUMBONUS ComeOn voucher code you shouldn’t be thinking that that is the end of the offers. There is a dedicated promotions page found easily on the main menu bar that keeps you up to date with all the offers that are open to you at any given time.
If there is a major sporting event going on there is bound to be related promotions and offers so it is a very good idea to check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

Getting Help with ComeOn

As with any online betting company, ComeOn try to make their site easy to use and easy to understand. There is no point making the betting process to hard as the customer will soon go elsewhere and find their needs met by another bookie.
The rise in popularity of online betting has made much of the processes far easier than they were in the old days of high street bookies. And access to betting accounts brings a far more diverse range of people into the world of betting.
As simple as the ComeOn site is there may be a time when you need help with an issue and that is where the customer service team comes in. It could just be that you need help with a particular bet or a forgotten password, but whatever the problem the ComeOn team are there to help.
There is a slight downside to the ComeOn customer service though as their hours are limited and that could cause problems. The issue here is that you never know when you might need some help so you can’t always plan when you need to get in touch. Many of the other online betting companies have their customer service teams on call 24 hours a day and to be honest that is what should be expected.
The fact that ComeOn’s customer service can only respond at certain hours of the day means that you are restricted somewhat. Hopefully this will be an issue that ComeOn address sooner rather than later and that they fall in line with the majority of the competitors.
You can, of course, consult the online FAQ section to find the answer to your problem but if you want to get in touch there are a number of ways you can each and every day.
There are live chat, email and twitter options depending on what your issue is and how quickly you need a response. Social media is obviously always available but as we mentioned there are some time restrictions with the other two methods.
If you want to use the live chat facility on the ComeOn site you should know that it is only available between 10 in the morning and 10 in the evening British time. And email support is only available from 9.30 in the morning to 10.30 at night. Obviously you can email at any time outside those limits but you will not get a response until the times stated.
Most people will probably never need to get in touch about anything but it is a good idea to know exactly when you can expect some help before you need it.

MAXIMUMBONUS ComeOn Voucher Code Review

Without being anything amazing compared to the rest of the online betting market, ComeOn offering a 100% deposit match is definitely a positive way to entice new customers to what is not one of the bigger bookies.
Everyone likes something for nothing and the possibility of getting £25 worth of free bets should get enough new customers through the door, so to speak!
ComeOn have all the sports markets you would expect and their odds are fairly standard. A really nice touch is the ComeOn points system which gets you more rewards for doing almost anything. The fact that it isn’t just for making large bets but for things like simply logging on means the customer gets the idea that it is going towards something.
Overall ComeOn’s welcome offer should be good enough to entice some inquisitive customers and from there they can work on retaining them with their list of promotions.

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